Generating a CSR and Private-Key

The process of generating a CSR and Private Key is pretty straight forward in almost all cases.
Most server control panels provide a graphical interface for completing these steps however it can also be accomplished via command line with minimal effort.

What will you need?

For validation purposes the certificate must contain the details of the registered owner of the domain name (registrant).

  • You will need access to your servers control panel or operating system.
  • The domain name you will be creating the certificate for
  • The Business name, Trading name or Individual name of the domain name owner.
  • The Organisational Unit or department the certificate is for. EG: Sales and Service, Intranet, etc.
  • The 2 character country code
  • The State or Province name (full name)
  • The Suburb or City (full name)

CSR Generation Guides

CSR 2048bit keys

Due to recent standards and policy updates all CSR's that are submitted should use 2048bit keys when being generated to comply with the NIST security guidelines and policies of OS and web-browser vendors (Mozilla, Microsoft).

Wildcard changes

Due to recent changes by our SSL suppliers, there is no longer any charge for additional wildcard servers.

Yes, thats right. Unlimited server coverage is now free with our wildcard products.

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